Why I bought Nikon Z6? Not a7III ,EOS R RP or Lumix S1 S1R

I bought a Nikon Z6, mirrorless camera.

Purchase Reason

Full size MILC is the best

The full size SLR is heavy, and the micro Four Thirds sensor is not good than full size.
The mirrorless have some demerits, e.g. there is a lag with EVF, short battery life.
But, these have been improved, and are not problem for me.

Z mount

The Z mount was first decided, When Nikon develop Z series.
Nikon adopt same mount over several decades.
It was not the best in the development of lens.

It is advantage for lens design to have big mount and short flange.
Quality of Z mount lenses, will be released are good.
When those will be highly evaluated, Z series would sell well.
I prefer simple design lenses.

VS Sony α7 III

α7 III win

  • Battery life
  • Lenses variation
  • AF is excellent
  • SD double slot

α7 III lose

  • EVF
  • Rigidity
  • Not drip and dust proof

VS EOS R and Lumix S1

EOS R is only cheap.
Lumix S1 is attractive, but it is heavy, big, expensive and I won’t need 4K60p for now.

I use photos mainly for web design, So I don’t need hight price Lumix pro lens.
Nikon S-Line lenses are necessary and sufficient for me.

Why I didn’t buy α7 III

α7 III has good score sensor and different types of lenses, e.g. GM or Shigma.
Catalog spec is better than Z6.

But,Z6 is made in Japan, and looks more expensive.
Sound of the shutter is good.
Body is designed in millimeters.

Maybe Sony made Z6 sensor, but maybe Nikon designed.
I think sensor score is equal or less than α7 III.


EVF lens is good.
Nikon has have high specialist techniques for lens.

XQD single slot


I prefer Nikon color.
Sony has sharp and low contrast image with not only kit lens.
Z6 has good image processing.

You can use 10bit N-log and Raw with Ninja V!



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